FiberinMotion® Wireless Mobility
FiberinMotion® delivers wireless broadband with unmatched throughput and wide area coverage for trains, vehicles and vessels
in motion while ensuring service continuity at high speeds and in challenging environments.
TBS – Transportation Base Station
TMU – Transportation Mobile Unit
TerraBridge is a 60GHz mmWave product that provides continuous high-speed connectivity between train carriages to warrant end-to-end gigabit
networks across any train and efficiently offload onboard recorded information when they arrive to the station or depot.
Wireless Inter-Carriage Links
RADWIN TerraBridge is a cutting-edge solution
that enables continuous high-speed connectivity
between train carriages to warrant an end-to-end
gigabit networks across the length of any train.
Stations & Depot Data Offload
TerraBridge enables automatic, high capacity connectivity
to the train as soon as it stops in the station or terminates
it journey at the depot, to provide ultra-high throughput
of over 1.5Gbps for data offload.
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