RADWIN PtP Series,
The RADWIN 2000 portfolio offers sub-6 GHz licensed and unlicensed wireless broadband solutions that deliver to 750 Mbps. RADWIN 2000 solutions are geared for carrier and vertical markets for backhaul and reliable access connectivity. RADWIN 2000 products incorporate a unique air-Interface to ensure robust link performance as well as high link capacity in adverse conditions such as high radio interference and near/non line-of-sight scenarios.
RADWIN 2000 D Plus
RADWIN 2000 D Plus delivers up to 750Mbps net
aggregate throughput and available in 5GHz with
antenna or as connectorized integrated unit
RADWIN 2000 Alpha
RADWIN 2000 Alpha Series provides a resilient point-to-point
link at an all-low price and available in 50, 250 and 500 Mbps i
n 5.x and 3.x GHz. Alpha is fully operable as SU PRO saving
inventory and providing deployment flexibility. Alpha provides
unparallel performance at low TCO.
RADWIN PtP Series,
RADWIN PtP Series,
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